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SABA-CO Organizes One-Of-A-Kind Bar Association Leadership Summit

March 7, 2013

The South Asian Bar Association of Colorado (SABA-CO) organized a Bar Association Leadership Summit held on February 21, 2013 for SABA-CO members only. Nadeem Bezar, Incoming President of SABA-North America, headlined an all-star lineup of bar association leaders:

Mark Fogg: President CBA, Past President DBA
Paul Chan: Founding Member APABA, Past President CBA, Past President DBA
Hon. Gary M. Jackson: Founding President, Sam Cary Bar Association
Patricia Jarzobski: President CWBA
Franz Hardy: President APABA
Diego Hunt: Past President CHBA
Siddhartha Rathod: Past President SABA-CO

Bezar provided insight to SABA-CO members about how to leverage bar association membership on a national level. Answering questions from how to decide which bar association to join, to how to get involved, to how to get business from involvement, he and the panel shared personal experiences, mistakes and guidance.

Speaking to whether one really needs to join a bar association, Bezar answered “No, you don’t really need to unless you think you’ll never need a job, never want to change jobs, never need clients, have all the support from the legal community you’ll need, and never need anymore friends.”

Bezar, who flew in from Philadelphia specifically to engage the SABA-CO chapter, spoke of personal and professional relationships he’s cultivated through his involvement and now leadership with a National Bar Association. Sometimes garnering business opportunities through those relationships, his national platform has opened up a nationwide professional presence for him, both as a litigator, as well as a speaker.

Jarzobski added “It takes more than one visit to a bar association event. Make sure it’s a good fit. Somewhere where you can add value, where you can make a mark and show the kind of work you’re capable of doing.” A sentiment echoed by Bezar: “You don’t know if you’re going to like a movie until you go see it.”

Hardy reflected on his own personal journey to success and leadership: finding that he didn’t have a set course, but rather recognized the opportunities that came to him and taking advantage of the ones that felt right to him. He pointed out that opportunities aren’t as likely to come to you if you’re not out in the community, making meaningful connections.

Judge Jackson impressed upon SABA-CO’s members the importance of excelling at whatever it is you do, in your job or as a bar association member. “Your reputation stems from your character and your work. Doing good work is cornerstone to leadership and success.”

The event was hosted and sponsored by Sherman & Howard LLC. Sana Hamelin, Associate, was the key contact at the firm. Food was provided by Café Byblos Mediterranean Grill in Denver.

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The South Asian Bar Association of Colorado is the local chapter of the South Asian Bar Association of North America (SABA-NA). SABA-CO is a non-profit organization whose mission includes the promotion and advancement of South Asian attorneys by way of professional networking, mentoring and education to attorneys and law students. SABA-CO will host SABA-NA’s national leadership retreat in October 2013.

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