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‘Outsourced’ Star Guru Singh to Appear at NASABA Convention

June 10, 2011

Star of TV’s Outsourced, Guru Singh, will appear at the Eighth Annual NASABA Convention as a witness in the annual NASABA Idol mock trial presentation. Mr. Singh will play a witness in the mock trial. Born in Houston, Mr. Singh also lived in India before moving back to the Space City for high school and eventually college. He played the restrained call-center employee Ajeet on Outsourced.

This year’s NASABA Idol will feature a mock suppression hearing and a mock appellate oral argument to highlight certain aspects of California’s medical marijuana laws.  Watch as a prosecutor and a defense attorney argue a Motion to Suppress the seizure of marijuana found on Defendant during an automobile stop. The hearing will involve examination of the Defendant and the arresting officer. A judge will preside over the hearing in what promises to be another topical, engaging NASABA Idol.

After the hearing, the parties will engage in appellate oral argument on a Motion to Return Property based on theGarden Grove v. Superior Court of Orange County case. The fact pattern used in the suppression hearing will be expanded to cover the issue on appeal regarding local law enforcement’s refusal to uphold state law and decision follow federal when it comes to possession of marijuana. The defense attorney will present an argument to argument to uphold the lower court’s order to return the Defendant’s medical marijuana and the prosecutor will represent the City in seeking reversal of the lower court. A panel of three judges will preside and question the attorneys.

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