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ABA Int’l Law Section India Committee to hold Anti-Corruption Discussion

April 21, 2011

Anti-Corruption – Perspectives on Legal Implications for India

Fighting corruption in India is entering a new phase. In recent months, Indian newspapers are filled with reports and analyses of alleged acts of bribery participated in by Indian government officials. In recent decades, fighting corruption has become a global priority. Much of the impetus in the increased attention results from US leadership fighting supply-side bribery and corruption due to the US’ fast-growing prosecution of violations of its Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Fuelled by a number of international conventions and increased enforcement in the member states of the OECD and by more transparency in international transactions, the United Kingdom has now passed its own Anti-bribery ACT.

The subject is one of great concern to Indian practitioners and to international counsel for entities doing business in India. The influence of the FCPA and the experience of knowledgeable practitioners in the area will be explored in this special teleconference. A panel of experts will discuss the application of US and UK laws to Indian transactions and will also review the current Indian legislation relative thereto and how international businesses can best comply with all laws touching this area.


Bharat Vasani

General Counsel, Tata & Sons (India)

Navita Srikant

Lead Forensic Specialist, World Bank (India)

Jamie Parkinson

Partner, BuckleySandler, LLP (Washington DC)


Aaron Schildhaus

Law Offices of Aaron Schildhaus (Washington DC)

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