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Is India Throwing Poorer Expats Out?

February 8, 2011

We’ve written about India’s protectionist legal market before. But apparently, expats in other industries face similar problems. Foreign aid workers and expats who earn less than $25,000 annually face non-renewal of visas. These workers, who often serve the poorest in a desperately poor country, face removal once their visas expire. Only “translators, cooks of foreign cuisine, teachers of languages other than English, and staff working with high commissions and embassies in India” get a pass.

Such a loss of qualified staffers greatly worries Thomas Chandy, who heads Save the Children India. He plans to organise colleagues affected by this rule and ask the Government for a mass exemption to the NGO sector. After all, says Chandy, NGOs attract a lot of international experts who take a break to work in India for a couple of years. This also applies to smaller NGOs, who often pay much lower salaries.

What do you think of these moves from a country that has benefitted immensely from globalization? We welcome your comments.

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